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Heh, a chance to try out the tag system. Score.

So, I'm thinking in a vague fashion about the gift registry thing -- I know, I know, but I'm only doing household basics and I'm not putting it in the invitations -- anyway, I'm looking into cookware. My pots and pans are pretty old, and I have shit for knives -- seriously, it's awful -- not to mention my woeful lack of actual cooking utensils, like whisks and whatnot.

So I was hoping that the foodies on the list might help me with some recommendations: decent quality, not too expensive or fancy, and no non-stick pans. Also, what should I get? I know that for knives you really only need a big one, a little one, and a serrated one, but what about pots and pans? Anything else I must have? And should I get a food processor?

At least I know what kind of plates I want. Sort of. (As in "round.")
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I'm mildly freaked at the moment -- me? Engaged? To be married? I must be losing my mind.

Di Seuss found out -- she asked me if I was "still with boy," and I told her we were engaged, and I think you could've knocked her over with a feather. Which would be quite a feat, if you know Di. (Sorry. That was bad.)

Everyone wants to know "how did he do it?" -- I'll tell you when you're older, okay? In all seriousness, it was funny and sweet and very low-key -- well, not low-key, because it's a big deal, but it was... intimate? Maybe that's the word. Between us, is what I mean, and right now I just sort of want to hold on to the way that felt.

We've been talking marriage for a long time -- maybe a year -- and we've been engaged, for all intents and purposes, for quite some time. It was just a matter of actually deciding to do the thing, with a date and all. (Not that we have that yet, beyond "May-ish.")

Oh, and my ring is sparkly. Sparkly! I think that's what happened -- he went and distracted me with a shiny thing, and I lost my mind, and there you have it. Damn him.
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I can't come up with a fancy way of saying this, so here:

Charles proposed. I accepted.

We're getting married.



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