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I picked a moving company, called them today for arrangements, and sent emails to the other representatives to let them know and thank them for their help.

Here is how to respond:

You are welcome and thank you for your response. Good luck in your new home!

Here is how not to respond, Howard:

We all make our own choices... When we book Price..We usualy get what we pay for!!!!!!!!

Well, no, I'm not paying for extra exclamation points, so I think I've made the right choice. (You have no idea how tempted I was to send that.)

And, for the record, the company I chose cost more than Howard's estimate -- but they guaranteed that as the maximum price, which he wouldn't do. And they're giving me some free boxes, which he also wouldn't do. And they did an in-home estimate, which he said was a scam.

The fast/trash-talking Noo Yawkuh act he had going worked up to a point on little Midwestern me, but at some point I stopped being charmed by his "tell it like it is" attitude and started feeling the true Midwesterner's discomfort with someone who thinks it's okay to be mean on the job. Gotta be careful walking that line, Howard.

So if you ever call Nationwide Relocation for an estimate, which I wouldn't do, say hi to Howard from me and let him know that "usually" has two Ls.
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