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In more unequivocally positive news: I has a laptop!

Our friend Deia had a laptop that was originally intended for her daughter, but she never really used it, and then the hard drive died. Deia wanted a new computer anyway, so she passed this one on to us.

Charles has two good laptops, or else I think he'd take this one over, because he likes the hardware -- he says it's the spiritual equivalent of a model they've used at K for a while. But he's all set, so it's mine. 3GB RAM, dual Pentium CPU 2GHzx2, 160GB hard drive. Also, it's pink. I don't think he'd really care that much about the color if it were his only option, but it's not, so.

The only problem is that the battery is 95% dead, which is not a pressing issue since I wasn't planning to do my computing elsewhere any time soon. We've ordered an aftermarket replacement.

Charles installed Ubuntu on it, which I haven't used for a very long time -- I had it shortly after college, but my laptop had an iffy connector somewhere, and Windows deals with such things way better than Linux -- so I'm going to have to relearn that. Otherwise, I'm quite pleased.


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